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Specialists in UK and Overseas Investment Property

photo of houses on suburban street Welcome to Crown, the company that caters for all your property sourcing needs. Whether you are already an  investor, are to new to buy to let, or are actually just looking to find a bargain home to live in, you have come to the right place. We provide advice and assistance with acquiring high quality discounted  properties in the UK and carefully selected overseas locations.

Crown, one of the UK's leading property sourcing companies, finds and negotiates the best deals available to help you, our client, achieve your goal of a financially secure future.

However, Crown are a little bit different to most property investment companies. Not only do we source fantastic investment opportunities, we go the extra mile and also provide a wealth of resources, strategies, help and advice to assist you in building and maintaining a profitable portfolio.


Our Services for Property Investors


Crown's core service is sourcing high quality, discounted property for our customers. In addittion to finding and negotiating heavily discounted deals, on UK investment property, we also source high quality overseas investment property. All of our  carefully selected property deals offer either great yields or excellent prospects for capital growth and, in many cases, both. Our currently available deals can be viewed from the links above this page.

We carry out extensive research and due dilligence work on every opportunity presented to us and, as a result of this, we reject the vast majority of opportunites offered to us. Only the very best deals, those that offer genuine and demonstrable value, are ever presented to our clients.

However, at Crown our service doesn't stop there. We work hard to find you the very best resources to support you in achieving your  investment goals. Check out the Investor Resources section of our website for the latest information, offers and support services.

village cottages rented out by buy to let investorsWe also strive to provide you with a first class education in all aspects of property investment, and keep you to date with all the latest news , developments and the very best investment strategies. We do this through our regular newsletter updates and our blog, both of which freely offer the type of high quality, solid advice that we wish we had access to when we were starting out in the industry.

You can also learn more about buy to let, mortgages and the industry in general, in our Buy to Let Resource centre. This section of our site is home to a number of pages dedicated to educating you on the principles of buy to let investment, including a page which explains everything you need to know about Buy to Let Mortgages and our handy buy to let mortgage calculator tool.

So, if you're not a subscriber already, join our thriving community today, by entering your details in the box to the the left side of this page, and claim your copy of our complimentary ebook, 'How to Profit from UK Property Investment in 2012 and Beyond'. 

It's free to sign up and will ensure that you are the first to hear about the all new deals that we source, as soon as we've secured them. Many of our best deals never make it on to the property listing sections of the website because they are snapped up by our mailing list subscrbers before we have chance to list them. We'll  also send you regular hints, tips and strategies  to help you achieve your goals and build a sustainable and profitable portfolio. 


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Our Services for Home Buyers


Although our service is primarily aimed at investors, we also sell a significant number of houses to people who are looking for a home to live in, rather than an investment property. In fact, purchasing a discounted home through us can be a great way for first time buyers to get on to the property ladder without breaking the bank.

We source discounted properties throughout the UK, so please feel free to check out our UK property listings page to see if we have any deals available in the areas that you are looking for.


  Update: New Portfolio Building Service Now Available 

We've had a lot of positive feedback  about the comprehensive range of services that we offer to our clients, but some customers have also told us that they simply don't have enough time to thoroughly assess each deal we put to them, read the books and articles that we recommend and check out the other services we offer. Many clients have said that it would make investing much easier for them if we could do all the hard work involved in building a portfolio for them.

We've listened carefully to this feedback and have been working on a solution that we think you will like - the Crown Property Investments Portfolio Building Service.

This service is now fully live and operational. We will conduct an initial consultation free of charge to plan an investment strategy that meets your requirments and then we''ll go away and source the properties, and take care of everything else that needs to be done to build your portfolio.