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Comment and analysis on property investment news and issues. Property investment Advice and Tips


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Category: News | Published on 2 Dec 2013 | Written by mark

Question: When is a Tracker Mortgage Not a Tracker Mortgage?

Answer: When it was issued by the West Bromwich Building Society !!

Read on for details of their shameful behaviour and guidance on what to do if you have been effected by this scandal.




Category: News | Published on 9 Apr 2013 | Written by mark

Zoopla.co.uk property news author explores numerous causes of damp in the home including rainwater, condensation and rising damp, and suggests ways to prevent it and avoid associated problems, which can include respiratory illness and structural damage to the home.

Category: News | Published on 4 Jan 2013 | Written by mark

In this article our guest writer explains why businesses looking to re-locate or expand would be wise to consider the West Midlands as a potential new location.

Category: News | Published on 24 Dec 2012 | Written by mark

 Zoopla.co.uk property news author is a keen antiques and furniture restorer, but she’s cautious about taking on larger projects. She’s put together a few tips for the brave DIYers among you on preparing a property for renovation.

Category: News | Published on 23 Dec 2012 | Written by mark

We'd like to wish all our customers and readers of our blog a merry Christmas and  a happy and prosperous New Year.

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